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About Us

Sheffield's First Blo Dry Lounge.

The owner, Katie has studied to the highest level in HDBROWS and became one of the first Master stylists in Sheffield. Katie also specialises in other brow treatments including “brow perfect brow extensions”.

Unlike other Hdbrows stylist Katie has specialised in only brows for the past few years which has enabled her to perfect her own style of brow artistry.

Our Services

The Brow Academy

We will teach you the theoretical and practical methods of all steps required to perform a professional Bëbë Brows treatment.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

545 Ecclesall Rd,
S11 8PR

Services Include

🌸HD,Henna and Bëbë brows
🌿 Microblading & Ombré
🌸Lashes and more…

Opening Hours

Monday: 11.30-8
Tuesday: 9-3
Wed: Closed
Thursday: 9.30-7.30
Friday: 9-5
Saturday: 9-4
Sunday: Closed